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3oDesign have extensive experience creating Web Applications. Our localization and internationalization expertise has allowed us to service clients around the world. We have developed Web Applications for the Healthcare, Education, and Consumer markets. We use technologies like PHP, Java, and JavaScript. We also use MVC frameworks to ensure that code is modular and maintainable.

  • Mission - We deliver uniqueness and quality
  • Skills - Delivering fast and excellent results
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience

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3oDesign is a forward minded software and technology services company. Our services and solutions help clients implement business strategies, improve performance, increase efficiency, and deliver changes effectively. This includes managing projects, taking responsibility for business processes, and facilitating business growth through innovation and application of technology.

eBay / AMAZON Store Management

Professional management of ChannelAdvisor, SureDone, eBay, Amazon Accounts

Shopify, Opencart, WordPress

E-commerce, APIs, Front-End, Application, Back-End, Integration, MVC Frameworks

Web Design

Your website, pixel perfect on every device. Desktop, phone, horizontal, vertical. Apple and Android.

Web Development

Converting custom designed websites, applications into functional, revenue-generating business models.


Creating a look and feel which tailors to your company's target market should be approached with strategy and purpose.


Application Support: after all, the first step of doing great work externally is operating at the highest levels internally.


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Our works are developed under the premise of communicating, understanding and expanding subjective experience, with a focus on the relationship between identity and empathy.

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CreativeMotoring SureDone Front End Design

SureDone Front End Design

Bootstrap Custom SureDone Design

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E-Commerce Stores

Graphic Design, MVC, Back End

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Usus Legentis Videntur

Photography, Holiday

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Quam Nutamus Farum

Graphic Design, Mock-Up

Our Skill And Expertise

Using Internet technologies based on industry standards, it is possible to achieve a greater level of interoperability between applications. Web Services makes it possible to rapidly integrate disparate software systems via an Application Programming Interface (API).

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  • Delivering fast and excellent results
  • Tons of useful widgets & shortcodes
  • Easy to use layout visual builder
  • We design uniqueness and quality

Professionals with the relevant skills to match


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